We propose the concept of Speculative Execution for Visual Analytics and discuss its effectiveness for model exploration and optimization. Speculative Execution enables the automatic generation of alternative, competing model configurations that do not alter the current model state unless explicitly confirmed by the user.
IEEE VIS Workshop on Machine Learning from User Interaction for Visualization and Analytics as part of the IEEE VIS 2018, 2018

This paper presents an explainable, mixed-initiative topic modeling framework that integrates speculative execution into the algorithmic decision-making process. Our approach visualizes the model-space of our novel incremental hierarchical topic modeling algorithm, unveiling its inner-workings and making the modeling process understandable.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, to appear, 2018


  • Fabian Sperrle
    Universit├Ąt Konstanz
    Fachbereich Informatik/Informationswissenschaft
    Fach D 188
    78457 Konstanz